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Help - Finding Things

There are three ways to find anything on Filmitem. You can either search based on the name, alternatively you can browse the different categories using the menu on the left. Finally, you can use our timeline which can be accessed from the left menu. This will show a timeline of when objects where designed or first went into production.

Searching the name

To search for something based on the name, you use the search box at the top of the page, As soon as you start typing, filmitem will start searhing for any name that contains the characters you typed. The results will show in a small drop down list under the search box. You can click on either the icon or the name to jump directly to the full description page.

Browsing the categories

From the menu bar on the left of the page you will find two category lists. The top list contains the different categories of objects such as furniture, lighting and games. Some of the categories have subcategories within them, such as Lighting which is broken down into Table Lighting, Floor Lighting and Ceiling Lighting. When you move your mouse over a category that is sub divided, you should see a popup appear with the full list of subcategories. You can click on a sub category to browse just those items, or click on the top category - so just click on Lighting for example to see all the different lights in our database.

The second category list is for films. None of the film categories have subcategories attached to them.

Browsing the Timeline

At the bottom of the left menu bar you will find a link to our Timeline browser. The timeline displays all objects that have had a design or manufacturing date assigned to them alligning them chronologically on ahorizontal calendar. THe calendar is divided into two sections. The top section containing the objects spans 5 years. You can scroll this left and right by dragging with the mouse. The bottom section is a coarser scale spanning 150 years, again you can scroll this left and right by dragging it with the mouse.

The objects appear as thumbnails in the upper timeline. Clicking on a thumbnail will display a popup giving you a brief description of the object, Clicking on the name of the object will take you to the details page.

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