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Help - Films

We play a bit fast and loose with the term film. What we mean is any moving image media, be it a Holywood blockbuster, a TV series or a Music video.

The Film details page

The film details page is divided into two columns. In the left hand column you will find an image of the film, usually a film poster or fan art. Underneath that is a ratings bar that allows you to see how other users of Filmitem have rated the movie, and also allows you to vast your own vote. The Third box in this column contains three icons:

  • The first allows you to add the film to your own personal list of favorites (assuming you have logged into your account).
  • The second one allows you to share the page link via a number of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Digg.
  • The third icon allows you to toggle a window showing a video from YouTube (if a video has been linked to the film).

The final item in this column contains a list of comments regarding the film that have been made by other users. If you have logged into your Filmitem account, you will also be able to leave comments about the film.
We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments, and if you see any, please report them to us.

The second column starts with the name of the film followed by a description. Underneath that you will find the category the film is assigned to, the name of the user who added the film and a set of links to other sites such as Wikipedia and IMDB who will have additional information about the film. Finally, you will find all of the related objects that have been associated with the film, any of the scenes that have been picked out, and a list of related films (such as sequels/prequels).

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