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Help - Adding/Editing Films

Films is actually a generic term as this can include TV series or music videos.

To add a film, go to the menu at the top right of the screen, and point at the Add option, then select Film from the drop down menu.

When you are adding a new film, you will have to provide an pictorial respresentation of the film, such as a movie poster or cast shot (please see image help for more information about adding pictures), a title, a description and a category of the film. You can also provide a link to the film on IMDB, Yahoo Movies and/or wikipedia as well as providing a link to an extract or trailer for the film on YouTube.

After providing this basic information, click the save button. The information will then be saved into the database. You will then be taken directly to rhe edit screen where you can attach more detailed information, such as the designer, the manufacturer, and the films that the object has appeared in.

Please note that in order to attach an object it must already have been added to the database. But please search to ensure that the object etc has not already been added in.

For more detailed help, please select from one of the following categories:

If you still need assistance, please email our support team at: