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Manufacturers are the people who make the objects we love. For older objects that have fallen out of copyright (such as the Barcelona Chair), there may be many different manufacturers all over the world, and it is often possible to purchase the items at a vastly reduced price when compared to the original manufacterer. We always try to show the original manufacturer. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a product made by one of these alternative manufacturers, and often it will give someone on a lower income the ability to purchase a piece of classic desgin. However, the original manufacturer will usually have worked closely with the designer and this will give them a deeper understanding of the designers intentions, which willr esult in a superior product.

The Manufactures details page

The manufacturers details page is divided into two columns. In the left hand column you will (hopefully) find a picture of the manufacturers logo. Underneath that is a ratings bar that allows you to see how other users of Filmitem have rated the designer, and also allows you to cast your own vote. The Third box in this column contains two icons:

  • The first allows you to add the manufacturer to your own personal list of favorites (assuming you have logged into your account).
  • The second one allows you to share the page link via a number of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Digg.

The final item in this column contains a list of comments regarding the manufacturer that have been made by other users. If you have logged into your Filmitem account, you will also be able to leave comments about the item.
We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments, and if you see any, please report them to us.

The second column starts with the manufacturer's name followed by a short overview of them. Underneath that you will find the name of the user who added the manufacturer and a set of links to other sites such as Wikipedia and IMDB who will have additional information about them, along with a link to the manufacturer's personal website. Finally, you will find all of the related films that the object has appeared in along with a list of designers whoes work they have produced.

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